Proceedings in the event of LPG tank system failure

In the event of a fire or tank failure (gas leaks), immediately notify your gas supplier. Emergency telephone number DragonGaz –  (+48) 695 219 832 – open 24/7.

Please, remember to:

  • do not enter these rooms,
  • close the gas supply by shut-off valve on the building or directly on the tank,
  • open the windows from the outside of building to ventilate the rooms,
  • turn off (if possible) main power supply to the building. Turn off the gas,
  • inform all people in the building of the situation with caution,
  • do not use electric doorbells, elevators, electric lighting on the stairwell and basement until the breakdown,
  • notify the gas supplier about the accident,
  • in case of fire contact emergency personnel immediately



In the event of a fire, immediately cut off the gas supply to the building.

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