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Two sales offices, two liquefied gas storage facilities, twenty available gas distribution points from which our tank trucks are delivered to you. Supply of gas cylinders in Lower Silesia and Warmia. DragonGaz, born of the intuition of the founders of the Dragan Group, is developing dynamically using the knowledge and potential of a leading European group dealing in LPG distribution. That is why Dragongaz has been one step ahead of the competition for 25 years.

Why LPG?

Liquefied gas, thanks to its advantages, such as flexibility of supply, availability, possibility of economic use, quick set up of installations, ecological combustion, has become a fuel for which almost 2,000 different applications in heating and technological processes have been found.
Ease and simplicity of storage, environmentally friendly use, has made LPG a great energy carrier worthy of use.

DragonGaz Branches

DragonGaz offers its clients a team of field energy advisors grouped in two sales offices covering the entire territory of Poland.

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